Boots with grey soles

Boots with grey soles

110 euro

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Boots with grey soles

100% semi-fine wool sheep

Dimensions: 35 - 49

A little information about the boots

Boots — warm felt boots matted fleece; often made solid, but there are also soft, under the other shoes.

Valenki (felt boots) are the traditional footwear of the peoples of Eurasia, which is used for walking on dry snow.

People in the production of boots traditionally called pinacate (rocketchiki, razvalinami felt under the shape of shoes).

To slow the wear of the boots, stitched leather or rubber soles or wear with galoshes. In areas with severe winter boots sew felt using as the material of the tops of old boots. Also produced rubber boots. Traditionally, valenki come in brown, black, grey, and white, but in recent years the boots are available a variety of colors.

The prototype of valenki were the felt boots traditional nomads of Eurasia ("pimy"), the history of which counts more than 1.5 thousand years.

On the territory of Russia valenki began to enter the period of the Golden Horde through the Turkic and Mongol tribes, the footwear was called "Pima". In Russia valenki became widely spread only in the first half of the nineteenth century, when they began to produce industrial way. Before that, they were quite expensive and they could afford quite wealthy people. The increasing complexity of needs, the growing influence of the urban mores to the village caused the change of bast shoes with felt boots, and the wide development of the fulling-Heli production.

Table of conformity of sizes of boots

Children's valenki

The size of the boots (cm) 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Shoe size 20 21 22-23 24 25-26 27 28-29 30 31-32 33-34

Adult boots

The size of the boots (cm) 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 35
Shoe size 35 36 37 38-39 40 41 42 43-44 45 46 47-48 49-50

The size of the boots match the length of the foot in cm!

Choose boots with a margin of 1-2 cm!

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