RDP-6 door closer pneumatic external and internal installation

RDP-6 door closer pneumatic external and internal installation

150 euro

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Door closer pneumatic telescopic RDP-6 is a further development of our company. The main difference of the new door closer door closers from the previous in that the working cylinder is "hidden" two of stock. When you open the door from the cylinder goes out first stock, then from the first rod extends a second rod of smaller diameter. This design allowed for a short length of the working cylinder to provide a door opening to 120º.

Another distinctive feature of a spherical bearing, allowing not only smooth and quiet to open and close the door, but also to compensate for any inaccuracy when installing the door.

The main characteristics and features of the unit RDP-6:

  • Compact;
  • Provides smooth, without impact, closed;
  • The door weight: 120 kg;
  • The angle of door opening: 120º;
  • Working temperature: from -50 º C to +50 º C;
  • Convenient to install;
  • Has no protruding parts;
  • Very smooth finishing of the doors;
  • Dimensions (length/width/height, mm): 370/90/100;
  • Door closer weight: 2.0 kg.

The latch is easily detached from the door, which can be quite useful, when the door takes a long time to keep open.

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