Honey of Altai "MOUNTAIN" in a glass jar 1000g

Honey of Altai "MOUNTAIN" in a glass jar 1000g

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Honey of Altai "MOUNTAIN"

HONEY "MOUNTAIN" is unique, belongs to the elite varieties of honey. Keeps the energy of the Altai mountains: collected in Alpine meadows at an altitude of 1000 meters, has absorbed the healing qualities of Alpine plants and gained fame as a panacea for many diseases.

Helps to increase vitality, restore health and improve quality of life. Has a positive effect on the mucous membranes of internal organs, it is useful in cough, diseases of throat, liver, gastrointestinal tract, dizziness and shortness of breath, arteriosclerosis, improving the function of the thyroid gland; is a sedative for nervous diseases

Honey "MOUNTAIN" is a very rare type of honey. In its Botanical composition refers to high-grade honeys. The fact is, that before granting such person the medicinal composition, independently bees actively consume it. They use the composition to the seed, which needs lots of nutrients and protection from external factors.

If you even once tried mountain honey, then you are unlikely to confuse it with something else. He has a very peculiar but pleasant flavor. In many ways, the mountain honey varieties like the smell of spring flowers. It is this mountain honey can be bought only if it is harvested and processed in the Altai. Significantly different from other cultivars and the consistency of the honey composition. It is very thin, translucent and easily mixed.

Natural honey Altai

For centuries Honey is valued for its unique properties and exceptional taste. Altai honey is a widely known in Russia and far beyond its borders. Medicinal herbs and plants of meadows, foothills and mountains of Altai environmentally friendly, are a great bee plant. The honey collected by the bees from these herbs has its own unique flavor and aroma. But the main value of Altai honey in its healing properties. Eating the honey, You get a wonderful combination of fragrant and delicious product with health benefits.

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