Honey of Altai "GRASS" in a glass jar 1000g

Honey of Altai "GRASS" in a glass jar 1000g

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Altay Honey "HERBS"

HONEY "HERBS" - a concentrated power of herbs and plants, wild flowers of Altai.

Honey from herbs referred to as the product obtained from the nectar collected from herbs, plants and trees growing in the same region. Honey from herbs harvested in the summer, from may to end of August.Each honey from herbs is unique, and repeat again the same composition will be difficult. It is difficult to repeat because the content in the nectar or pollen of that particular plant is unique in the relative proportions.

Honey from herbs can be sugary sweet or have a bitter aftertaste, the honey from herbs has a very fragrant aroma.

Strengthens the immune system, restores the body after physical and mental overwork, operations; provides preventive, curative, antibacterial, anti-microbial effect; has pronounced soothing, regenerating (reducing), analgesic and wound-healing properties; displays the body of toxins; used in multiple sclerosis and insomnia in diseases of the internal organs, has a positive effect on the kidneys and urinary system, normalizes intestinal flora, cures cough, bronchitis, gastritis, ulcer and cancer.

Natural honey Altai

For centuries Honey is valued for its unique properties and exceptional taste. Altai honey is a widely known in Russia and far beyond its borders. Medicinal herbs and plants of meadows, foothills and mountains of Altai environmentally friendly, are a great bee plant. The honey collected by the bees from these herbs has its own unique flavor and aroma. But the main value of Altai honey in its healing properties. Eating the honey, You get a wonderful combination of fragrant and delicious product with health benefits.

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