Rubber boots for men grey

Rubber boots for men grey

70 euro

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Rubber boots for men grey

Production in Russia

Dimensions: 43 - 47

What material is made of rubber boots

We do not even think, what makes rubber boots: do not get wet, and good. Meanwhile, recently, a very popular model made of plastic. Although outwardly they are very similar to conventional rubber.

If You can't restrain yourself, what material bought boots made from 100% natural rubber (rubber) or PVC (thermoplastic polymer polyvinyl-chloride), you may deliver this experience. You need to take a needle and heat it red-hot. Then touch it to the boot — of course, not in a prominent place. If the material melts, it means that the footwear made of polyvinyl chloride.

You can, of course, not to experiment, and to see information on a special label or sole. In the end, ask the seller. PVC boots are different from the rubber reduced weight and longer service life. Yes and they cost cheaper. Them, by the way, you can even stretch slightly, dropping briefly in boiling water, and then putting up with a couple of woolen socks. Usually the PVC begins to soften at 70°C.

The only parameter that plays plastic rubber — resistant to vegetable and animal fats. Polymers are afraid of sunflower oil and fat — though not to such an extent that a drop of fat eaten through his boots.

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