Matryoshka - Moscow

Matryoshka - Moscow

95 euro

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Matryoshka - Moscow - product description

  • The dolls depict views of Moscow
  • Height: 17 cm
  • Material: wood
  • Number of dolls: 5 PCs
  • Manufacturer: Russia
  • Packing: without packaging

The history of dolls

Matryoshka — a set of detachable wooden dolls of decreasing size nested within each other.

The first Matryoshka was eight. She was a peasant girl in a colourful traditional dress holding a rooster in black color. Inside were figurines of boys and girls, and the last, the smallest, painted baby.

The appearance of the Russian nesting dolls coincided with the beginning of collecting products of Russian art. Therefore, the nesting doll remains a traditional Russian gift, which is in great demand both in Russia and abroad. Also Russian matryoshka is one of the constant gifts that are closely associated with Russia and national culture.

The birthplace of the Russian nesting doll is considered the town of Sergiev Posad, as there was made the first matryoshka. The most popular matryoshka Semenovskaya is considered today, also known Polkhovsky, Vyatka dolls and Zagorskie. The dolls differ in the painting, and the name of the painting given by city name or village in which it was invented.

How dolls are made

In 1900 at the world exhibition in Paris Russian folk nesting Dolls won a bronze medal and became widely popular in Russia and abroad. The toys were made in several factories, the most famous of which still remain Sergiev Posad and Semenov.

Manufacture of dolls requires a lot of experience and skill. Dolls made of Linden, aspen, alder and birch. Trees are cut down in April when they are filled with juice and then dried for 2-3 years.

It is important that the entire set of dolls was made from a single tree trunk. First make the smallest doll, which does not open, and which will determine the shape and size of all subsequent.

After drying and polishing the dolls to the paint begins the artist. As used gouache paints, watercolor, tempera, oil paint sometimes. Then the dolls are covered with a protective layer. The best quality painted dolls are covered with at least 5 layers of lacquer.

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