Household goods from Russia

Modern manufacturers of Russia, offering beautiful, stylish, durable household goods. In the sections below You can choose and buy the products of Russian production.

In recent times huge strides in Russia is developing appliances, electronics, Pharmaceuticals, building materials, automotive industry, textile industry. In each section of the industry's broadest range of modern quality products. Take, for example, the textile industry is the clothing for active rest and sports, bags, backpacks, rugs, bed linen, overalls, shoes, suits, children's school uniforms, etc.

By the way, if you say, for example, about school clothes, it should be not only bright and beautiful, but also quality, practical, can withstand more than one wash. The quality of Russian materials is at a high level and fashion design, modern and creative.

TV Rubin

Let us return to household goods. Great televisions, DVD players, microwave ovens produces a Russian company "Rubin". Today Rubin is a world-class technology, quality and reliability of production, use of the best domestic developments, modern marketing approach. Rubin creates a product that meets requirements such as functionality, quality, design, reliability, and availability.

Also, from household goods to Russia a long history of producing highly competitive refrigerators, stoves, lamps, LEDs, lights, cameras, optics, lenses, watches, CDs and more.

In our online store MADE-IN-RUSSIA You can order not only on domestic goods but also on other equipment manufactured in Russia and is allowed for import by the customs in Your country. Send Your requests to us by email.

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