Perfumery and cosmetics

Perfumery and cosmetic goods (FCT) are currently a promising and growing group of products. Below are the most popular goods intended for flavoring and hygiene of man:

Every day a growing number of manufacturers of perfumery and cosmetics in Russia. Known until recently of the factory "New dawn", "Freedom", "Northern lights" was transformed into joint stock companies, among them are independent companies emerged a large number of new. To the present time in Russia there is in all regions, over 100 perfume and cosmetic companies. In 1998, the Russian perfume and cosmetic Association was admitted to membership of the European Association of cosmetics, hygiene and perfumery (COLIPA), which represents more than 2,500 manufacturers.

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To perfumery and cosmetics products traditionally apply perfume, hygienic and decorative cosmetics. According to the UES FCT is divided into perfumes; cleansing agents; make-up; protection; refreshing means. Classifier OKP, which was based on the commonality of production technologies, emit colognes and scented water, perfume and essential oil gift sets, perfume sets and series, products cosmetic.

Perfume and cosmetic products intended for flavoring and hygiene, for skin care face, hands, body, hair care, oral hygiene to protect from the harmful effects of the sun, for decoration of the face, hands, etc.

Natural aromatic substances are primarily the so-called essential oil, which is a Volatile (easily evaporating) substances of complex composition, almost insoluble in water, but soluble in alcohol and other solvents. Get them in a variety of ways, mainly from flowers, seeds and leaves of plants (rose, geranium, anise, coriander, lavender, mint and other essential oils) and some fruit trees (lemon, orange of three, Bergamote, etc.).

Balms — thick aromatic fluid flowing out of the cracks of the bark of some trees, are solutions of resins in essential oils.

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The manufacturing process of perfumes begins with the preparation of the compositions, i.e. mix on a pre-designed recipe of various aromatic substances and the clips. The compositions are often very complex, containing several dozen different aromatic substances.

Cosmetic products include various means for skin care of face and hands, hair, teeth and mouth, and decorative.

Creams for the skin are the aromatic ointment that serve to nourish and soften the skin, protecting it from atmospheric influences and improve its appearance. Release them under different names: lanolin, velvet, snowflake, red Moscow, strawberry, young, metamorphosis, celandine, etc.

The purpose and method of use of creams are determined by their composition and properties. Some of them (personal lipstick, strawberry, youth, etc.) creams are oily and serve to nourish the skin; others (snowflake, red) applied under the powder and to eliminate skin irritation; the cream of metamorphosis as a means of freckles, and celandine — from acne.

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