Russian Souvenirs

Russian Souvenirs and gifts to traditional crafts, You can find in the sections below:

Coming to a new country for us, we followed with great interest get acquainted with its traditions, try to learn the language and, of course, interested in its culture. We're taking not only vivid memories, hundreds of photos, but also national Souvenirs, which is a symbol of the country and its culture. I want to take with them not only experiences but also memorabilia, looking at that, they again and again will remember the mysterious Russian soul and the richest Russian culture.

Russian samovar

Gifts from Russia for foreigners always symbolize the festive mood and width of Russian soul, allow foreigners to better understand the country, which for many years was closed to travelers. Russian folk Souvenirs is the memory of the traditions of the past, many of the items date back to the pre-revolutionary period in the life of the country, but has its value.

Every guest first arrived in Russia, excited by the diversity and magnificence of our gifts. Which is only one of them, able to please both children and adults not only brightness and individuality, and mystery, it's so interesting to open the next doll to find her another.

The best material for dolls is lime. This soft material is easy to process. Dolls, make up this traditional Russian toys differ not only in size but also appearance and richness of painting. Themes toys can be very different from the images of folk tales to prominent political figures, whose images have caricatured look.

No less deserving of respect is one of our national souvenir — a mandatory attribute of Russian tea and the perfect table decoration Tula samovar. To buy in Russia the samovar is required at least in order to be sure – tea from a samovar is much more delicious, and simple family gatherings become truly cozy and soulful.

Russian balalaika

No less colorful another souvenir — folk instrument, the balalaika. Number rhymes, songs, sayings and Proverbs, in which the main character stands balalaika, the account does not give. And in the ranking of the main symbol of Russia, according to foreigners, balalaika take their honorary first place.

The sweetest gift is, of course, corporate Russian candies and chocolates. The taste of such a souvenir will remember for a long time, after all that's why Russian sweets are the best in the world.

Another typical souvenir is a Russian Khokhloma. Khokhloma is a wooden utensils, painted red and black colours on a Golden background. Manufacturing technology, which came from iconography, since then almost has not changed. Dish, carved from Linden, is first coated with a primer of red-brown color and silver powder. Further products paint, varnish (several layers) and heated in a furnace. Standard ornaments such products — flowers, branches of strawberry or red ash, are often birds, animals and fish.

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