Food products from Russia

Food products from Russia are famous for their high quality and health benefits.

Some products that have a long shelf life, we can ship to other countries. Below are a few sections with the national food of Russia:

Russia is multinational country and every nation has its own unique meals. But for the majority of Russian unchanged on the festive table remains soup, dumplings, salad, pies, pancakes, salad, beer, jelly.

Very popular natural Russian honey. Honey itself is rich in beneficial properties. Has rejuvenating and revitalizing effect. Here You can buy Russian honey collected in the Altai region. This is one of the most ecologically clean regions of Russia.

Also, mail can send pickles, jam, marinated mushrooms. Maybe You want to get something tasty and not prohibited to send, write, discuss.

Pickles from Russia Pickled mushrooms from Russia jam from Russia
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