Russia – a country with vast reserves of biofuel.

Not far is the day when the Russian Federation will be the main provider of biofuels, mainly wood pellets. The assessment was made by the participants of the conference, whose theme was the problem of the development of biofuels in General, and the problem of the biofuel supply from Russia to Holland.

Russia – a country with vast reserves of biofuel

At the meeting, expressed his opinion and scientists and businessmen from Holland and Russia. The meeting place was not chosen by chance. By the way, it was Saint Petersburg. The fact that this is where most of the activities under the program "Window to the Netherlands". The main goal of the program is to expand and strengthen cultural and business ties.

According to reliable information, the country which produced the forest is harvested each year, about 8 billion cubic meters of wood. Half immediately sent to the industry. It turns out that about 40% of the waste that you do not want to throw away. They can be used as a renewable raw material.

The EU at one of their conferences decided that the generation of electricity based on biofuels needs to be increased. To solve this problem without Russia is not easy. If the supply of raw materials and energy production will be. According to experts, biofuels in Russia abound. So, for example, near St. Petersburg for the year accumulated slightly more than four million tons of wood waste. The demand of the external market for this product is about 3 million tons.

Biofuel — fuel from vegetable or animal raw materials

At the conference voiced the OECD report, its theme is "Biomass and agriculture – policy support and markets." The essence of this report is that biomass can become one of the main sources of energy with the right approach. To achieve this without the support of governments is impossible or extremely difficult. The government needs to just interested in the subject, but also to change the policy towards this region. Not one report, not one work was prepared by scientists on the topic of biofuels can be energy for all. It would be not only profitable, but also convenient to create fuel from waste.

The most important factor that should influence the choice of buyers is the price. If the biofuel is cheaper than petroleum fuel, and the demand for it will increase significantly. Without government support to reduce the price it will be difficult, moreover, requires the introduction of new technologies. If the price is affordable, then the demand will start to grow. Experts believe that only market mechanisms will be forced to move country for biofuels.

To market mechanisms, we can refer the creation of enterprises that processed and manufactured biofuels. These enterprises should be converted into fuel and grains, and butter, and sugar culture, as well as by-products. In addition, this kind of enterprise needs to be able to produce building materials. In the course must go, and the straw and grain crops, and tree species, distinguished by its rapid growth.

There are already materials made from biomass, which compete with plastics. They are used in the automotive industry.

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